The work found here highlights a career spanning many years and several disciplines.

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Neil McInnes

Neil McInnes is a Canadian designer who has had the distinction of working in many varied disciplines over his career. He has produced work as an animator, illustrator, graphic designer, sculptor and painter. He has been awarded grants from The Canadian Council for the Arts, Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg Arts Council, Cultural Industries Development Office, and Manitoba Film and Sound.

He has worked as owner/operator of Audience (Toronto) with clients including Macleans, Quest, Homemakers, Toronto Star, McKim, Reeson, Dimson & Smith Ltd., Gage, McClelland Stewart, Alan Fleming & Associates and  Holt Reinhardt Winston. As owner/operator of Audience (Toronto) and Audience Animation Inc. (Winnipeg) directed and produced over 30 animation shorts for CBC “Sesame Street”,“Just Ask”/CBC/David Suzuki/Denise Duncan and various television commercials with clients including the Manitoba Government, Muller Hirayama and Graves and The Government of the North West Territories and others. Under these studios he coordinated shooting, camera stand construction, ink and paint for the film “Heartland” for the Imax Corporation/Director Roman Kroitor, facilitated shooting for the Oscar nominated “The Big Snit” for the National Film Board/Director Richard Condie, facilitated shooting for Oscar nominated “The Cat Came Back” for the National Film Board/ Director Cordell Barker, facilitated shooting portions of the Genie award winning “Get A Job” for the National Film Board/Director Brad Caslor and coordinated shooting, ink and paint for an animated segment for the Canadian Pavilion at The Brisbane World Expo 1988/Director Richard Condie. Neil McInnes’s career has also included work as a Graphic Design and Animation educator.

Independent animated short films include co-production/animation on “Boardinghouse” and production/animation on “Transformer”, “Lovehound” and “Automoto”. These award-winning films have been screened in over 60 International Film Festivals as well as the World Exposition in Shanghai 2010 and the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

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