Format: Digital, filmed with a Canon Rebel DSLR
Time: 5 minutes 50 seconds
Clients: Winnipeg Film Group
Funding: Winnipeg Film Group
Director: Neil & Cathy McInnes

One of five films commissioned by the Winnipeg Film Group. The original agreement was each filmmaker produce a five minute film. The four other film makers were Guy Maddin, Matt Holm, Deco Dawson and Carol O’Brian.┬áThe only CGI used was for the opening title and three steam effects. All else was hand built, painted and filmed with two Canon Rebel DSLR. The film was produced in a staggering 9 months. The production time for a film with this complexity is normally two year minimum at best. What compounded the challenge was the extremely low budget and therefore all involved worked on this project around their other full time employment commitments.